Names L-W

Here is our list of the girls’ names between the letters L and W.

Name Description Popular Name
Laire Scottish girl’s name that means mare
Leagsaidh Scottish name for Lexy
Leana Derived from the name Helen *
Lena From the names Helen or Dolina *
Leslee Variation of Leslie
Lesley Variation of Leslie *
Leslie Derived from Lesslyn in Aberdeenshire and it means ‘Garden of Hollies’ *
Lexine Derived from the name Lexy
Lexi Pet name for Alexandra (variant of the name is Lexy)  *
Lezlie Variation of Leslie
Lorna From the place name Lorn *
Lorraine After a district in France called Lorraine *
Machara A name of Scottish origins that mean plain
Magaidh From the name Margret
Maidie Means young woman *

Maili Gaelic name from Mairi
Mairi Scottish name for Mary
Maisie Pet form of Mairead *
Malmuira Means darken skinned
Malvina From the Gaelic name Mala Mhin
Marcail Girl’s name means pearl
Maretta Scottish name for Mairead
Margaret From the French girls name Marguerite *
Marsaili Gaelic form of Margery or Marcella
Moibeal Means loveable
Moira From the Gaelic name Moire *
Moire Means star of the sea
Moireach Means Lady in Scottish
Mor Means large or great
Morag Pet form of Mor *
Morna Variant of Myrna
Muireall Meaning bright sea
Nairna Origins unknown
Nathaira This name means snake
Nathara Variation of Nathaira
Nighean This name means young woman
Nighinn Variation of the name Nighean
Nora Female form of the name Norman *
Oighrig Possibly means speckled one
Peigi Scottish name for Peggy
Raoghnailt Means ewe (female lamb)
Rhona Origin unknown
Robena Female version of Robin
Robina Female version of Robin
Saundra Scottish name for Sandra
Senga Popular in North East Scotland
Seonag Means Joan
Seonaid Scottish name for Janet
Shona From the Gaelic name Seonag
Sìleas Means blind
Siubham Form of Jane
Siusan Scottish form of Susan
Skena People from the place name Skena
Skye People from the place name Skye in Scotland
Sheena Form of the name Jane
Sorcha Means brightness
Stineag Gaelic for Christina
Struana Means from the stream
Teasag Scottish form of Jessie
Wynda Scottish origins and means from a narrow path

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