Light, Honorable or Northern, Lovely Nora Endures

Meaning and Origin of Nora

It’s generally presumed Nora started life as an abbreviated form of one of several longer names, Honora, Lenore and Noreen being strong candidates. Theories regarding Nora’s origins mostly gravitate in one of two directions. Honorable, valor and woman of honor are all meanings that would tend to ascribe Nora’s descent as heralding from Honora and Noreen, which also contain such meanings.
In the second school, Nora means light. Nora could as easily have descended from the name Lenore, or one of its variants, such as Leonora and Eleanor, all of which mean light.
A third school contends Nora is the Scottish feminine for Norman, which is rooted in the Germanic “nordman,” meaning man from the North.


Like many feminine names derived from longer names, Nora has endured despite spikes and dips in popularity. Today, Nora has a stronger foothold than ever. In 2012, Nora was the 29th most popular baby girl’s name in Scotland (Scottish Government Figures). 2012 saw nearly 3000 US-born baby girls named Nora, giving the name a 107 rating. In other counties, Nora entered the top fifty in Austria, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands, breaking the top ten in Hungary and Norway.

People Called Nora

Two famous people with the name Nora include Nora Roberts and Nora Ephron. Nora Roberts has wrote over 200 romance novels and has gained the title of an American best selling author. Nora Ephron is a skilled American writer and attributes her skills to play writes, novels, screen writes and more.

Name Profile

Girls with the name Nora are said to be very idealistic and intuitive with very creative imaginations. They work to aspire others as well as connect with their inner spiritual side in order to aspire others.

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