Popular Names in Scotland

Popular Girls’ Names in 2014

The following are the top ten most popular girls’ names in Scotland in 2014 according the Scottish Government Statistics. If you are looking for the most popular Scottish, Gaelic names the see our list here.

1. Emily. Emily has meanings from at least five different cultures. The most popular one is “hard working”. In Latin, it means “industrious” and “striving”.

2. Sophie. “Wisdom” and “wise”.

3. Olivia. In Shakespearean, it means “Twelfth Night”. In Latin, it means “olive, symbol of peace”.

4. Isla. In Scottish, it’s derived from the name “Islay”, which is an island located off of the west coast of Scotland and is also the name of a river in Scotland. This is the most popular Gallic name in the list.

5. Jessica. In American, Jessica means, “rich, God beholds”. In Shakespearean, Jessica was the name of Shylock’s daughter in The Merchant of Venice.

6. Ava. In American, Ava means “iniquity”. In English, it’s derived from the names Avis and Aveline. It is also believed to be the Latin form of the Hebrew Eve.

7. Amelia. Amelia has several culture meanings. It means “defender” in American. In English and Latin, “striving”.

8. Lucy. In Shakespearean, there was a character by the name of Sir William Lucy in Henry IV. It’s also believed to be derived from Latin “Lucius” meaning “Light”.

9. Lily. In Latin, it means “pure” and in English the flower lily is said to be a symbol of beauty and innocence.

10. Ella. In English and American, it was originally an abbreviation of the names Eleanor and Ellen.


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