Scottish and Gaelic Girl Names

Scottish and Gaelic Girl Names

A family who is expecting a baby girl will have one of the most exciting times in their lives preparing for her arrival. One of the most important things to do is to choose the perfect name for the baby girl. This can be a difficult process because you only want what is best for the child, but when you begin to look for names the first place to look should be the list for famous Scottish girls names.
There will be many names you will come across, but a few will catch your attention and be some of your favourites. A┬ástrong group of potential babies names comes from the list of popular girls’ names in Scotland. These names are strong, unique and beautiful. The first group of popular names is from the famous Scottish girls names list. The names included are: Sophia, Emily, Olivia, Ava, Lucy, Isla, Lily, Jessica, Amelia and Mia. Although these names are beautiful they are extremely common around the world.
If a more unique and different type of name is what you desire then the best list to choose from is the famous Gaelic girls names. Gaelic names have a strong meaning and the names are not ones that you hear everyday. A few Gaelic names are: Ailis, Anabla, Blaine, Brynna, Kirstie, Kyna, Lileas, Moya, Sorcha and Sesaidh. These names are just some of the popular ones that have been used more frequently in the past couple of years.
When it comes to choosing a baby girl’s name the options are so vast and endless. It is important to choose a name your child will grow into and respect. Spending a little bit of time researching Scottish and Gaelic names can give a better perspective on what type of name you are wanting and give a better understanding and respect for the meanings associated with each name.

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