Scottish Sports Girl Stars

Female Sports Stars with Scottish Names

There are many popular Scottish female sports stars out there and their names are as varied as they are.

  • Eilidh is becoming a more popular Scottish name for girls. It’s pronounced ay-lee and means wicker basket.
  • A popular Scottish sports player who is named Eilidh is Eilidh Child. A track and sports star who specializes in the 400 metres hurdles.
  • Fiona is another popular name for girls and Olympic gold medal winner Fiona MacDonald born in Paisley, Scotland. She is a curler. The name Fiona means white or fair.
  • Other popular scottish female sports star’s include Rhona Martin and Margaret Morton.
  • Rhona, another curler, born in Ayrshire Scotland. Rhona means blessed or holy. Margaret means pearl. Margaret Morton won a gold medal for curling. Herself, along with Rhona and Fiona, were on the same team that won gold in 2002 winter Olympics.
  • Aileen is another popular name. It is a variation of Eileen. Aileen means from the green meadow. Aileen McGlynn is a Scottish paralympic athlete. She is a tandem cyclist.