Trending Scottish Girls’ Names 2015

“What’s in a name?
That which we call a rose
By any other name
Would smell as sweet.”
-Romeo and Juliet by William Shakeapeare

The Facts

According to the 2014 National Records of Scotland the number one Scottish girls’ name is Emily. Emily is the English feminine version of Emile. It means to strive for, rival or be eager. It’s a classic name and two famous classic writers have the name. The English writer of Wuthering Heights: Emily Bronte. And the American poet Emily Dickinson.
In a close second for most popular Scottish girls’ name is Sophie, which interestingly enough was the number one Scottish girls’ name for nine years.

Other trending Scottish girls’ names are: Olivia, Isla, Jessica, Ava, Amelia, Lucy, Lily, Ella, Millie, Freya. Sofia, Mia, Emma, Anna, Chloe, Eilidh, Grace, Ellie.

Only Eilidh (which means light or sun ray) and Isla (means Island and there is a Scottish River called Isla) are names with Scottish origin on the trending list. The rest of the top trending names have Greek, English, Scandenavian, and Latin origins. All of the names are fairly classic and old school names as well, which must be fashionable in Scotland.

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