Scottish Baby Names Advice

This page contains information and advice to help you choose a Scottish baby’s name.

When choosing a name for your baby you need to take your time as the name you give to your baby will be with them for the rest of their life. We hope our advice will help you choose a suitable Scottish name.

  1. Create a shortlist of 10 first and second names (if required). Use this website to help you find names you like.
  2. Discover the meaning of the names that you are considering.
  3. Try the first names with the baby’s surname. How does it sound? Can you find a suitable middle name from your list.
  4. Shorten your list down to two or three name combinations.
  5. Now ask your partner or other people who will have an input into the baby’s name to create their own short list. Point them to this website for the list of Scottish baby names.
  6. Leave it a week or two and come back to your shortlist and your partner’s. Do you still like your chosen shortlist, no go back to the start of this list. Yes, does any of combinations stand out and you prefer them? Yes you’ve chose your Scottish baby name. No takes some more time to consider the short list.

Further advice choose a Scottish Baby Name

The Gaelic language is a beautiful language but if you choose a uncommon or lengthy name consider that it might be difficult for others to pronounce. Your baby son or daughter could have to live with being called a variety of different names.

Useful Resources

  1. Comprehensive list if Scottish girl’s names
  2. Boys names coming soon
  3. Popular Scottish baby girl’s names
  4. Deals on baby products

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