Scottish Female Comedians

There are many Scottish female comedians that have shared many jokes, and made us laugh-out-loud. Stand up comics work very hard to be funny. Everyone one of them, bring their own comedic style. Some of them rant, ramble, giggle, shout, but they all bring us a monologue- which we can identify who they are. Some Scottish comedians go far and beyond the mainstream, and bring us political views, controversial laughs, and are cynical towards various racial groups.

In Scotland, there are many Scottish female comedians, who roast us and tell funny jokes! Below is a list of Scottish comedians:

  • Fern Brady
  • Janet Brown
  • Susan Calman
  • Rhona Cameran
  • Kate Copstick
  • Sara Crowe
  • Karen Dunbar
  • Julie Duncanson
  • Lynn Ferguson
  • Janey Godley
  • Renee Houston
    Cecil Loftus
  • Una McClean
  • Eunice Olumide
  • Dorothy Paul
  • Srobhan Redman
  • Elaine C. Smith

You can find many of these names at Many Scottish comedians provide us with many laughs, and are on the rise in the comedy world. You can find many of them in comedy clubs and at private events. Although comedy show business is tough, the comic show must go on!

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