Scottish Female Politicians

Women only make up 28 percent of people running for offices in Scotland. Women have only served in Scotland government since 1999. I will discuss three Scottish female politicians.

Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon the Scottish 1st Minister
Nicola Sturgeon the Scottish 1st Minister

Nicola Sturgeon is the current First Minister of Scotland, holding the office for the past three years. Ms. Sturgeon is the first woman to hold the office of First Minister and also is the first woman to be a national leader. Sturgeon joined the Scottish Parliament when she was in her late 20s. She has been married to Peter Murrell, an Economics professor, for the past six years.

Ruth Davidson

In 2016, Ruth Davidson assumed the role of leader of the Scottish Conservatives. The Scottish Conservatives is the second largest party in Holyrod, Scotland. She became a member of the Scottish Parliament in her early 30s. She’s in a relationship with Jen Wilson.

Mhairi Black

Mhairi Black is the youngest of these Scottish female politicians. At the age of 20, Ms. Black became a member of the Scotland Parliament. Ms. Black was so effective, that she was reelected to the Parliament back in June.

These women were educated in the finest universities in Scotland.

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