Scottish Girl Names That Begin With The Letter B

Scottish Girl Names that Begin with the Letter B

Picking the perfect name for your baby girl can be a tough decision, so here are a few of the best and more popular Scottish girls’ names starting with B.

  • Beatrice is a girls name that has Latin roots and is translated in English to “the bringer of happiness”.
  • Bethia is a popular women’s Scottish name that is a derivative of the name “Elizabeth” and is a simplified version of the Gaelic name “Beathag”.
  • Blair is a name that can be also spelled “Blaire” and means the “Dweller on the plain”.
  • Bonnie is a name that comes in many forms as it can also be used as Bonni, Bonny, Bonny-jean, Bonny-lee, Bonny-jo, or Bonnibelle and translates to the word “pleasant, pretty, and charming”. It comes from the French word of “bon” which means “good” in their country.
  • Bradana is yet another beautiful name for a female Scottish woman and the word translates to mean “Salmon”.
  • Brenda is yet another Scottish girl’s name that means “sword” and is derived from the Norwegian name, “Brand”. It is a powerful name but gorgeous at the same time.
  • Bridget is a beautiful name comes from the Irish name “Brighde” and it means either “the high one” or “bride”.

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