Scottish Girls’ Names starting with C

Scottish names are very popular in the world today due to the amazing heritage in this area and the beautiful names that are from this region. When it comes to girl names there are some of the most beautiful names that are Scottish. While taking a look at Scottish names, you will be able to see just how many beautiful choices there really are.
Scottish names that start with C are very popular for girls.

Caitlin has become a very popular name for girls as it the Scottish equivalent of the popular English name  Cathleen.

Ceit is another version of the popular English name Kate, ideal if you are Scottish and love the name kate. This way of spelling the name allows for a beautiful representation of that person.

Ceana is another beautiful name that is a variation of the English name Kenna. This is a simple yet beautiful name that would be a great fit for any girl. These are just a few of the many amazing Scottish C names that are out there for girls.

For other Scottish girls’ names beginning with C see our comprehensive list here.

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