Scottish Girls’ Names Starting with D

What in a Scottish Girls’ Names Starting with “D

What’s in a name, or in this particular case, what’s in a girl’s name? That can depend on the geographical location where one lives.

What about in Scotland, what are the meaning of girls’ names there, especially starting with the letter “D”?

The following is a basic list of Scottish Girls’ Names Starting with D:

(Key: “M” is for Male, “F” for Female; even though the focus will be mainly on female names, at times some Scottish names can also be male and/or female)

-Name: Dallas (M or F)
Meaning: From the Waterfall

-Name: Dallis (F)
Meaning: From the dates, from the valley meadows

-Name: Daracha (F)

-Name: Davida (F)
Meaning: Beloved, a feminine form of David

-Name: Davinia (F)
Meaning: A feminine form of David, the meaning is basically the same as above

-Name: Deardriu (F)
Meaning: Raging

-Name: Deirdre (F)
Meaning: Raging, broken-hearted or fearful

-Name: Doirean (F)
Meaning: Sullen

-Name: Domnhulla (F)
Meaning: Rules all

-Name:Donalda (F)
Meaning: Ruler of the World

-Name: Doug, Dougie, Douglas (M, F)
Meaning: Dark water, stream

-Name: Drew (M, F)
Diminutive of Andrew

These are the names of girls that are commonly used in Scotland, as one can see, some can also be males’ names as well.

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