Scottish Girls’ Names starting with F

The Beauty in Scottish Girl Names

There are many girl names that are cute, beautiful, or even out of the ordinary. There is so much history behind Scottish names and that’s what makes them so unique.

  • Fenella. Very seldom will you hear a name like that one. It is a shorter version and another form of the name “Fionnuala”. The name means “white-shouldered or fair-shouldered”. It is said that babies with this name tend to be leaders and very mindful of their priorities.
  • The name “Flora” is a very popular name as to how feminine it sounds. The name is from the Roman goddess of flowers. The name “Florrie” is a name that is similar “Flora”.
  • Freya is one of the most popular and special names of Scotland. It’s popularity shines as there are a lot of famous people named “Freya.” It means “goddess of love” and it derives from a Norse goddess.

Now here is an easy name to say: Fiona. The name is usually a name given to girl with pale complexion, since the name means white or fair. People with this name are said to be more affectionate and compassionate in a relationship.

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