Scottish Girls Names starting with G

What’s in a name you may ask? Well, if you live in Scotland naming a baby girl can be one of the most important and frustrating choices a family will ever make.

Just a cursory peek at the list of Scottish Girls Names starting with G you can find more than one page of the most popular and official list of Scottish girls names. One thing you wont miss is how lovely many of the names are.

Brief Origin of Scottish Names

Actually, some of the girls names you may never heard of because the origins of Scottish names for girls are too varied to even complete a list. And if you jump in the “way-back” machine to earlier centuries you’ll find that girls names were based on more than one factor yet still interesting.

Scottish Girls Names starting with G were often influenced by the name of the “clan” you belonged to or the area in which you lived. Another factor centuries ago was the link between the Catholic Church in Scotland.

Names Starting with the Letter G

Here are a few samples you might enjoy:
* Grace
* Gail
* Gillian
* Gilly (an abbreviation)
* Gaynore
* Gracie

Useful Resources

Discover the meaning and popularity of other Scottish girls’ names on this website

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