Scottish Girls’ Names Starting with K

There are several interesting and attractive Scottish girls’ names starting with K. Some are from names in other languages, and others are derived from Gaelic words.

Example Girls’ Names

For example, Kirstie and Kirstin come from the name Christine, a feminine form of Christopher, which is from Greek. Kina is short for Alickina, similar to Alexandra, which is also from Greek. On the other hand, Kenzy or Kenzie is a short form of Coinneach, a Gaelic word meaning “handsome” or “fair one.” And Kyla is Gaelic for a narrow parcel of land.

Other Scottish girls’ names that start with K include the Gaelic name Kay or Kai, which means “fiery,” and is also derived from Sir Kay of Arthurian tales. Kirklin or Kirklyn means “church,” as does any name with kirk in it. “Kirk” came into the Scottish parlance from the Vikings. The names Kyle or Kylie are from Gaelic, and mean “victorious.”

The names Kaelan, Kaelin, and Kael are Gaelic. They all mean “slender and fair,” and are derived from the name Caelan.

No girls’ names starting with K made the top 10 most popular list in the last few years. But many of them are strong and pleasing to the ear.

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