Scottish Girls’ Names starting with M

Scottish Girls’ Names starting with M

Getting the right baby name for your unborn girl can be overwhelming. This is because of the wide variety of beautiful names from different race. Some of the most beautiful girl names are Scottish and they start with M. here is a list of Scottish girl names starting with M.

Machara: Machara is a Scottish name meaning plain.

Maggie, Maissie and Mai: This is a Scottish name meaning pearl. Maggie is Scottish for Margaret.

Maidie: It means a young woman in Scottish.

Maira and Mairi: This words mean bitter. This names are Scottish for Mary.

Malmuira and Malmuirie: this Scottish bay girl name means dark skinned.

Malvina: this Scottish name comes from the generic name Mala Mhin.

Marcail: This Scottish name means pearl.

Maretta: this is a Scottish name for Mairead.

Margaret: ths Scottish name comes from the French name Marguerite.

Moibel: This name means loveable.

Moira or More: They mean star in the sea.

Moireach: This Scottish name means lady-like

Mor: Mor means great or large.

Morag: This is pet name for Mor.

Muira or Muire: This Scottish name means “from the moor”.

Muireall: This Scottish name means a bright sea and is suitable for girls.

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