Scottish Girls’ Names starting with S

Discover the Best Names Starting wirth the Letter S

When it comes to Scottish Girls’ Names starting with S’ there are a variety of
wonderful names to choose from. The Scottish name “Shena” has the meaning
of “God is gracious.” It is the Gaelic form of Jane and a variant of the name
Sheena. While the name “Sheena” has the same Scottish meaning as Shena,
it also means “God’s Gift.” This name other origins are in Hebrew, Irish, and
English. The name Sheena is associated with strong spiritual views and deep
thinking, allowing one to see the bigger picture in life.

The Scottish name “Siusan” has the flowery meaning of “lily.” It is believed
people with this name are careful, considerate, and like to play it safe.
Although quiet and shy at times, they can be strong mediators due to their
attention for detail and the need for order. “Sima” is a Scottish girl name with
the meaning of “Listener.” Sima’s are described as strong leaders who like
to deal with important matters and strive for their own independence.
They are very motivated to go for things and exceed expectations.

Siubhan has a Scottish meaning of “Praised” and is the Gaelic form of
the name Joan. There are an estimated 252,800 people with this name
which is about 0.004% of the worldwide population. Siubhan’s are
described as creative, imaginative, and idealistic individuals who
can sometimes inspire others. The multi meanings of the Scottish
name “Senga” are chaste, pure, and slender. It is believed people with
this name have strong personalities and have a tendency to be
leaders rather than followers.They take the initiative of getting
things done and can be focused, determined, and even aggressive if

As just some of the Scottish Girls’ Names starting with S’ in existence,
each of these names have its own special meaning and its own uniqueness.

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