Scottish Inspired Names

Finding a Scottish inspired name in the stars

Wanting to stay within your roots for naming your child can be a cumbersome task, there are thousands of Scottish derived names and choosing one can be overwhelming.

Sometimes it is best to pick a name based on the meaning or name your child after a significant Scottish figure. Famous actresses are a great place to find a name, especially if they give a sense of national pride by being a master of the cinema.

List of some actresses of Scottish heritage

  • Moira Shearer was a relatively famous film star from the 1930’s and 40’s.
  • Freya Mavor is a new actress whose most famous role was in E4’s Skins.
  • Lorna Heilborn was a sitcom actress in the 1970’s and 80’s.
  • Karen Gillan played Amy Pond in the BBC’s series of Doctor Who.
  • Georgia King, who has made her T.V. debut as Rosemond in Jane Eyre.
  • Donna Grant who starred in BBC’s Young Dracula.
  • Alison Peebles, best known for her portrayal as Lady Macbeth in the 1993 production of Macbeth at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland.

These are a few among many of Scottish actresses that will evoke a sense of national pride when thinking of names for your daughter!

Useful Resources

Discover the meaning and origin of the Scottish girls’ names on our website.

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