The name Skye is proudly carried by many people of Scottish descents. A name that is popular yet still unique, it is the perfect name.

Origin and Meaning of Skye

The name Skye is of Scottish and English origin meaning adventurous. Another meaning of Skye is protection and scholar. The name Skye is used as a natural name based off of both the Scottish Isle of Skye and the sky itself. Skye can also be described as meaning free spirited.


Skye was the 45th most popular baby girl’s name in Scotland in 2012.

Famous People Named Skye

  • Skye Gyngell, a well known Austrailian chef who is cited for her food editing in Vogue and winning a Michelin star.
  • Skye Lourie, a British and New Zealand actress who held film credits in The Pillars of Earth, The Holding, and Guinea Pigs. She also held a guest spot on television show The Hustle.
  • Skye McCole Bartusiak, is an American actress who started her career staring in the movie The Patriot then moved on to television roles in Blonde and Don’t Say a Word. She continued on to play many more rolls in both television and film.
  • Skye Barrett, is an American child actress who has played on Flavor of Love, E.R, and House M.D.

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