Meaning and Origin of the Name Sorcha

The Sorcha name is a popular girl’s name in Scotland. The meaning of Sorcha has a number of different roots. The meaning of Sorcha in Scotland has its roots in Gaelic where it means Brightness. The name in Scotland has been altered over the years to be associated with Clara. In Ireland the name has been altered to be associated with Sarah and Sally. However, there is no real root of this association. In English the name Sorcha has its roots in Latin where it also means Brightness.


The popularity of Sorcha is not very high, which has made it popular among persons who want to find a more unique girl’s name. The name is currently ranked 1013 on girl’s names in 2013. The associated names of Sarah and Clara are much more popular than Sorcha.

Famous People with the Name Sorcha

There are several persons who have bared the name Sorcha. The teacher and writer Sorcha Ní Ghuairim is known as great singer of traditional Irish songs. Sorcha Cusack is an English actress who has appeared in films such as Snatch, The Bill, Jane Eyre, and the Father Brown series. Sorcha Boru is an American potter and sculptor who has had her work featured in several museum exhibitions.

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