Starting With The Letter E

Scottish Girl’s Names Starting With The Letter E

Scottish Girls’ Names starting with E rock! What’s in a name? Most people believe naming a person starts and ends with whatever the parents dream up, but there’s more to naming than you may understand.

The origin can start as a word like the name Sophia – in Greek means wise. Therefore, when someone is called Sophia in Greece, they’re calling the person that the name belongs to wise. There’s an old Scottish saying, “Whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye,” which means what’s going to happen to you will happen to you. In other words, a name takes on the meaning of its bearer.

Here are some Scottish Girls’ Names starting with E that you may want to take a look at:

  • Earie – meaning from the east.
  • Edeen or Edine – from Edinburgh.
  • Edina – that means wealthy.
  • Effie – This name is Euphemia abbreviated, that not only has Scottish origins, but Greek and English as well.
  • Eirica – the name that means ruler.
  • Elsie – means noble person.
  • Emma – this name means universal or to be complete.
  • Eppie – Scottish name that means good reputation and auspicious speaker.
  • Erving or Ervyn – they both mean beautiful.

See the full list of Scottish girls’ names on the website.

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