Meaning and Origin of the Name Teasag

The name Teasag is from Hebrew origin. The meaning of Teasag is God beholds. It can also mean foresight or God is gracious.

It is mainly used in Scottish and Gaelic languages. Teasag is a variant of Jean and Jessie in the Scottish language. And it is considered a variant of Jessica in the Gaelic languages, which happen to consist of mainly English and German.

How to Pronounce Teasag?

It can be difficult to figure out how to pronounce Teasag. It is pronounced “CH-EHZSaa”.


Teasag is quite an uncommon girl’s name. It didn’t even make it into the top 1000 baby names in 2012. Jessica, a variant of Teasag, is a much more common and popular baby girl name. This name is both beautiful and unique. It is definitely a one of a kind type name. The name is so rare that there really isn’t any documented celebrity or semi famous person in history with this same name.It is really only known to be used is one small portion of the world, Scotland. The name variants of Teasag seem to be much more popular choices. The name is pronounced much differently than how it is written.

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