Top Famous Scottish Female Olympians

Discover The Top Famous Scottish Female Olympians

There is no shortage of Scottish female Olympians that have brought home the gold. Female athletes in Scotland train hard to represent their sporting endeavour.

Most famous Scottish female Olympians believe true victory comes with the hours spent training, working as a team, and the effort put forth during competition. They hold a high standard of integrity in the league as female Scottish Olympian athletes.

Famous Scottish Female Olympians

Jackie Lockhart

Jacqueline Lockhart is a Scottish curler who has vigorously competed in the internationals for Scotland. Lockhart was involved in the 2014 Winter Olympics on a commentary team for curling. Her awards includes the Frances Brodie Award in 1998. Lockhart was a prolific female athlete in many international competitions. She remains a classic female Scottish Olympian.

Lynn Cameron

Cameron is also a Scottish curler that is ranked number six is an international poll and hails as one of the fresh female Scottish athletes. In 2006 she made her first debut in the Winter Olympians. Cameron is a winner of the 1997 World Junior Championship defeating Sweden. Lynn Cameron also brought home a gold medal in the European Mixed Curling Championship with teammate Tom Brewster.

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