Unusual Scottish Girls Names

Unusual Scottish girls’ names

Modern Scottish parents are often conflicted when it comes to baby names. Especially with female babies, they want to choose names that honour cultural heritage, but also will not hinder their baby’s social life and future. What seems like unusual Scottish girls names to the rest of the world, tend to carry a crown of sophistication and class with Scottish natives. For instance, the name “Machara” might seem strange to many people, but is is a fairly common name carrying a meaning of endearing and artistic characteristics.

Scotland, like many western countries enjoys modernity. Many female baby name choices aren’t unusual Scottish names at all. There are however, names that even Scots will find to be antiquated and special. Here are a few unusual Scottish girls names that have phonetic beauty, and should be understood before bestowing on a newborn sweetheart.

Oighrig- (Oy-rik): This is a name with crossover Gaelic roots. It describes a person with a pleasant type of speech. Originally, it was used as a generic descriptor when talking about the exotic languages used by the people of Africa. After centuries of manipulation, Oighrig has become synonymous with “Effie,” but is far more enchanting in its early form.

Fearchara (Fer-kara): This is another example of unusual Scottish girls names that comes from an early hybridization of Gaelic. It means “our dear girl,” and was not only used for babies. In the old days, it was also used as a timely nickname for young girls who were about to enter into marriage.

Siofra (Soof-ra): This is an appropriate unusual girls name that carries a mystical spirit. It was the tribal label given by ancient Scots to exceptionally beautiful fairies of the woods. In old stories, it was also used to identify a benevolent creature that could change its shape. Modern use of this name is an indication of a girl who has gone through a difficult birthing process, but has precious and animated qualities.

Murran (Mur-ehn) and Rowan (Roh-wun): Though these names have been used in modern plays and films, their popularity has waned. It light of modern popular modern girls names, by default, they have become unusual Scottish names. They are the perfect post-millennial names with calligraphic attractiveness for girls possessing striking Scottish qualities.

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