Meaning and Origin of Annella

Baby names are such a hard decision. Parents want to make sure that their child has an original name. You don’t normally want to have a name that ranks in the top five for the baby names that year.
A great original name for a girl would be Annella. The popularity of Annella was 15,032 last year. The Annella name is of Scottish origin and has an English origin of the name Anne. The meaning of Annella is “Grace” or “Favour.”


Even though Annella did not rank in the top 100 baby names in Scotland in 2013, it could eventually become a popular name once again.

Summary of the name Annella

Picking the name Annella is a great choice for your new baby girl. The Annella name is a perfect choice for a beautiful, unique name for a daughter. By picking the name Annella you’re giving your child a beautiful historic name that you can almost guarantee no one else will have.

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