Scottish Origin and Meaning of “Cameron”

The female name Cameron is of Scottish origin and was first established as a Scottish surname, yet now often used as a first name. A prevalent variant for females is “Camryn,” while some have even dared to use “Kameron.” People with the name Cameron are often fondly nicknamed “Cam”.
In relation to this name, there is a rich history, including that of the West Highland Scottish Clan of Cameron, as well as the stories of the Cameron Highlanders, who were brought up in the clan. So what is the meaning of Cameron? This thousand-year-old name is thought to mean either “crooked nose” or “crooked hill.” Because of the name’s Scottish heritage, it was originated in Gaelic. Cameron is composed of two parts, which are “cam” and “shron,” with “cam” meaning “crooked or bent” and “shron” meaning “nose.” Cameron has also appeared as “cam” and “brun,” with “brun” simply meaning hill.

Popularity of Cameron

In 2012, concerning the popularity of baby girl’s names in Scotland, Cameron landed at 525th. Some famous individuals with this name are American actress, Cameron Diaz, and British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

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