Origin of the Girl’s Name Ceit

Ceit name is a Scottish Gaelic female name. The meaning of Ceit in Gaelic means Pure. Ceit is used as a nickname for Katherine, Catherine, Kate or Katie. Ciet name is the Scottish spelling for Kate.


The meaning of Ceit likely goes back to centuries in Scotland. The popularity of the name reached 1013th most popular Scottish baby girl’s name  in 2013, this is fairly unpopular in comparison to other variations in the name. Kate, or Katie are much more popular, as well as, Catherine, or Katherine.

Traites of the Name Ceit

One who is named Ceit often has a inner desire to travel and explore. They tend to do things at their own pace and forgo the traditional way. They are likely leaders, for they have strong personalities. Perhaps aggressive in nature, but fearsome with determination. Those with Ceit name can be impatient with power figures,and can be stubborn. They may be creative in varying degrees and enjoy implementing their creativity around them.

Ceit name rocks its Scottish roots and should continue its popularity on the charts as a Scottish baby girls name.

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