The Name Eilidh

Eilidh is popular Scottish or Gaelic name that is mostly used for a girl. This name is often used by those who are looking for a name that is proper and unique.  This name is a form of the name Ellie (Oxford Press) and it’s starting to get some attention in Gaelic speaking countries. Eilidh is more commonly used these days as an Anglicised version of the name Helen and means ‘radiant’ (Scottish Baby Names) or the ‘sun’ (10,00 baby names).

Eilidh popularity is growing in the fact that it is a different name and everyone wants something diverse and even peculiar. The proper pronunciation is ay-lee, which may throw people when they see the spelling. Often said to be a variant of Elizabeth, this is beautiful name that may cause some second looks on how to properly annunciate.

The name Eilidh meaning wicker, reed or basket, however this female name is not currently popular in the United States. In fact, it didn’t even make the top 1,000 list of baby names. While it never made the charts in the US, it does in Scotland being the 25th most popular baby girl’s name. While this Scottish/Gaelic name appears to be unique, only about 175 babies’ girls get given this name each year in Scotland. It is definitely one to consider for those who are looking for the beautifully exceptional name for their girl.

Famous people with the name include the Scottish athlete Eilidh Child and Eilidh Whiteford a Scottish politician and member of Parliament.

4 thoughts on “Eilidh

    1. Thanks Kitty for your comments. I’ve check our resources and you’re correct that Eilidh has been re-Anglicised as Helen but it was originally the Scottish Gaelic form of Ellie.

      Best wishes,

  1. Hi there,

    Sorry but I am scottish, a gaelic speaker and I am called Eilidh, and the above is completely incorrect.

    Eilidh had no connection to the names Ellie or Eileen, and is not a variant of Elizabeth either. It also does not translate to mean Wicker.

    As the lady above has said, it means Helen. It can also be translated directly to mean ‘Light’

    1. Hi Eilidh, thanks for the feedback it is most appreciated.

      I’ve updated the content to include the association with the name Helen (and meaning/s) along with the references. I’ve also included the reference that links Eilidh with Ellie to provide a rounded perspective.


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