Elise is a popular Scottish girl’s names. Discover more about Elise and why the name is so popular with many parents today.

Meaning and Origin

Elise, literally means “Pledged to God”.

Elise is considered by some to be a shortened version of Elizabeth, but it’s definitely a name which has been used on its own, and is growing all the time. Due to its Francophone sound, and a general increase in the popularity of names using El, it has seen a huge increase in popularity despite the fact it has been around since the nineteenth century

Popularity of Elise

The name has been commonly used in various European countries like Holland, Germany, Sweden and Britain. In Scotland, it is currently the seventh most popular baby girl’s name using statistics from a 2012 study held by the Scottish Government.

People Called Elise

Many famous people have been called Elise, too, including Emily Blunt who played a character, coincidentally, called Elise in The Apartment Bureau.  Elsie Inglis was a famous Scottish physician and suffragette.

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