The Meaning of Elspeth

The name Elspeth is pretty exclusive to Scotland, and sometimes England. The name was derived from Elizabeth, which is more universally recognizable. The meaning of Elspeth is “chosen by God,” which gives the name a powerful and cherishable meaning.


In 2013, Elspeth was the 413th most popular baby girl’s name in Scotland. The Elspeth name is beautiful and graceful, and gives you the image of an elegant woman. The meaning of Elspeth is also very beautiful and meaningful.

Famous People with the Name

The popularity of Elspeth is pretty minimal, although there a few well-known women with the Elspeth name. Elspeth Gray was a British actress that landed her first film in the 1940’s and become more popular throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s. Elspeth Gibson is a British fashion designer that is well known for her signature use of lace, beading and embroidery designs. She even styled Madonna! Elspeth Ballantyne is an Australian actress who is a part of theatre, film and television. Her most well-known work is the soap opera Prisoner.

Why Choose Elspeth as a Baby’s Name

Choosing unique baby names seems to be a trend these days. Elspeth is definitely a unique name and a little less popular, which would make your little Elspeth-to-be the perfect name trend setter.

Useful Resources

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