Famous Scottish Actresses


There are lots of famous actresses in this century, many of them come from a Scottish background. Some of these names might be well-known to you, others might not be.

Here is a small breakdown of some well-known actresses that hail from Scottish decent.

1. Karen Gillan
She is the actress from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. She was born in Inverness and raised their for much of her early years. Karen was practically raised as artist royalty. Her mother and father made sure she was polarized by the industry early on. She attended all the programs and majored in the arts during her time at University. Want to see her in her element. Rent the above movie. You will be blown away. Along the same Sci Fi roles she was voted best actress from her role in the TV series Dr Who in 2010.

2. Rose Leslie

Rose is another one from Scottish decennt and one with art in her blood. She is probably most famous for her work in the movie Honeymoon. Rose is also well known for her role as Ygritte in the US TV series the Game of Thrones and as Gwen Dawson in the period drama Downton Abbey.

These are just two female Scottish actresses who have made their mark in the movie and TV industries.

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