Female Members Of The Scottish Parliament With A Scottish Name

Female Members Of The Scottish Parliament With A Scottish Name

Parents may look to accomplished persons when trying to name their children. That may be challenging for baby girls, but there are inspirational sources. Women in the Scottish Parliament have proven themselves to a substantial degree. Their first names resonate in society and evoke emotions about the country’s past. The status of Scotland on the world stage has kept Gaelic a focal point of discussion.

Example of Politicians with Traditional Scottish Names

Elaine Smith and Margaret Mitchell attained prominent status as leaders in Parliament. Some of their bills managed to pass and a range of provisions ensued. Both Elaine and Margaret are of Gaelic origins, keeping the in the local conversation. Parents may benefit from their accomplishment and encourage their future children to attain similar ranks in life.

Wendy Alexander is another shining example of capability within the Scottish Parliamentary system. She was a member of Paisley North and has since retired from her position. But in her time, she was the functioning leader of the Labour Party. Her duties involved composing bills and seeing their passage during floor discussions.

Other politicians include:

  • Nora Radcliffe
  • Shona Robison
  • Mary Scanlon
  • Fiona McLeod
  • Margaret McCulloch
  • Margaret Jamieson
  • Margaret Curran
  • Aileen Campbell
  • Rhona Brankin


Parents may check in to the biography of each female politician. Their works and individual roles are a matter of discussion for cultural leaders. Children may feel a certain sense of heritage if they understand more about the origins of their name.

Useful Resources

A list of female members of the Scottish Parliament here

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