The Meaning of Florrie

The Florrie name is a form of Florence, a pet form of Flora and it means to blossom or flourish. Florrie has also been used as an independent name.The meaning of Florrie has a French and American significance however, it all comes down the flower. The Florrie name dates back to a Roman goddess who represented spring. Florrie was a heroine in the late 18th century who had assisted Charles Edward Stuart as he broke free from England and headed to the isle of Skye.


Florrie is popular name in Scotland despite its Latin origins.

Florrie’s Popularity

The popularity of Florrie stands at 1,525 most popular baby girl’s name in Scotland in 2013. From 2008 until 2012 an average of 25 babies were named Florrie.

Famous Florries

There are many people throughout history with the Florrie name. Florrie is probably becoming popular again because of singer Florrie (Florence) Arnold who was born in 1988. A pop singer, songwriter, model and drummer, she has been considered a rising star. She has been synonymous with Xenomania Fashion House. Her latest single is “Little White Lies”

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