Funny Scottish Girls Names

Funny Scottish Girls’ Names

What is in a name? All of our names have some kind of history, and root meaning depending on country and nationality. Today we will be looking at the Funny Scottish Names for girls.

The first name is Akira, and it has a definition of “anchor”. The next name is Leslea, as it comes from the meaning of “the grey castle”. More Funny Scottish Names, Raoghnailt, as the name derives its meaning from the word “lamb”.

Continuing on we have Siubhan, as this name defines its meaning as “praised”. While the Scottish girl names of Evanna and Evina mean, “Right handed”. While the name Cameron can be a surname or a given name, and has a meaning of “bent nose”. One more of these names Forba and Forbia with the Scottish meaning of “head strong”.

The history of our names from one nation to another can be a funny thing. Funny Scottish Names for girls is no exception to that rule, as to see what the meaning of a beautiful sounding name will hit a humorous note.

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