What Does Georgina Mean? History of the Name

Georgina is a popular female name in Scotland. The name is the feminine version of the more familiar man’s name, George. It comes from Greek and means “farmer” or, more literally, “earth worker.”


Georgina became a popular name in the British Isles during the nineteenth century. Queen Victoria, born in 1819, almost had Georgina as one of her given names, but that option was rejected. During her reign, however, that name exploded in popularity. In 1841 there were about 2,887 Georginas in the United Kingdom; twenty years later, there were 8,766! As Georgina grew in popularity, the related name Georgiana became rarer.

By 1901, the census found 13,318 Georginas in the UK! The name caught on particularly well in Scotland, which despite having a much smaller population than England, was home to about one-third of all the Georginas in the UK and in 2012 it was the 54th most common name for baby girls.

Famous Georginas

Georgina Papavasiliou, a Glaswegian figure skater who placed in national competitions, skating for both the UK and Greece.

Some people might know the name Georgia from fiction: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton both contain Georginas.

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