How has Europe Influenced Scottish Girls’ Name

How has Europe Influenced Scottish Girls’ Names?

Europe has influence Scottish girls’ names with many of Gaelic names having their roots way back in olden Europe. Here is a list of some Scottish names that have originated from other European countries (most prominently Latin or Greek):

  • Ailios from the old French name Alis (in English Alice)
  • Barabal from the Greek word barbaros meaning foreigner
  • Cairistìne from the Latin name Christianus
  • Ceit (English Kate) originating from Greek Αἰκατερίνα
  • Dior-bhorgàil from the Greek name Dōrothéa
  • Eubh from the Latin name Eva
  • Giorsail from the Latin name Gratia
  • Lìosa from the English name Lisa originating from Greece
  • Moibeal from the Latin name Amabilis meaning lovable
  • Moire from the Biblical Greek name Μαριάμ (meaning Mary)
  • Nansaidh (Nancy) originally coming from the Latin name Anna
  • Olibhia is derived from the English name Olivia created by William Shakespeare.
  • Seonag is related to the name Joan which originates the French name Johann
  • Seònaid is related to the name Janet again a form of the name Joan
  • Sìleas (Julia) the feminine form of the Latin name Julian,
  • Teàrlag from the French name Charlotte the female form of Charles

We hope you can see from the above list of Scottish females names many of them have strong European heritage.

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