Introduction to Kirstin

The name Kirstin (\k(i)-rs-tin, kir-stin\ pronounced as KIH-RSTihN) is Scottish in origin. As a variation of the name Christina, it wasn’t a very popular name in Scotland in 2012. Nevertheless, it’s still a good, strong, Scottish name.

Meaning of Kirstin

The Scottish meaning of Kirstin is “follower of Christ.” However, the Greek or Scandinavian meaning for the name Kirstin is “Christian” or “stone church.” Regardless as to which of these meanings you choose to apply to this name, you will still find that it is a good, solid, Christian name for a baby girl.

Famous People with the Name

It may come as no surprise that there aren’t a lot of famous people who have this name. In fact, there are only 2 famous people with the name Kirstin. They are Kirstin McLean (a Scottish actress) and Kirstin Gove (a Scottish media consultant).


In 1991 less than 1% of baby girls were given this name. It’s experienced a marked loss in popularity since that time. Instead, names like Christine or Christina have grown in popularity. So, if you’re looking for a unique name for your baby girl, this very well may be it.

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