Origin of the Name Lexine

The name Lexine is a girl’s name which is actually a shortened form of the name Alexis and Alexandra and the popularity of Lexine has increased over the past decade.
The Lexine name has a Hebrew origin and may also refer to a perfect housewife that enjoys cooking, cleaning and keeping house. In addition, Lexine can be considered to be a compliment to a special woman.  Lexine can refer to a flawless girl which does almost everything perfectly. Someone whom would make an excellent mate and home maker.

Meaning of the Name

The meaning of Lexine is “mans defender”. In addition, “Lexine” can also be referred to as “helper of mankind”. It appears that the name Lexine has been quite popular since 1997.


Lexine was not in the top 100 baby girl’s names in Scotland in 2013 according to Scottish Government statistics.

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