Beautiful name Lorna

Lorna is a beautiful Scottish name and definitely worth considering if you are looking for a lovely name which is less common these days.

Meaning and Origin

There are different meanings from different different origins on the world. The first would be the Scottish meaning of the name originates from the place Lorn in Scotland.

English and American origin have the meaning of forsaken or abandoned. The Latin origin has the meaning of laurel.


According to the Scottish government data the name was not very popular in 2012 (it was the 665th most popular name). However, Lorna was relatively popular in name in the USA in the 1950s.

Famous People Called Lorna

There has been a famous person name Lorna Fitzgerald. she has been in so many plays, musicals, and for programs. As far as 2013 this famous Lorna Fitzgerald is still active doing her famous work that entertains us. in 1869 a novel that was produced called “Lorna Doone” was produced by R.D. Blackmore. Lorna or the title “Marquis of Lorna” was the name of the Scottish place where Blackmoore based his book.

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