Lorraine is quiet a common name now a days but the name didn’t actually reach the outskirts of Europe until the First World War. Lorraine is actually derived form a region in France by the same name. Its American meaning is derived from the name Lothair who was the ruler of the Lorraine region during the 9th century. The french meaning is “seagull” and in German the name means “made famous in battle”.


Although it is a popular baby name it did not reach the top 100 Scottish baby names in 2012 and although an European name it is a name gaining popularity in English speaking countries such as The United Stated and Canada. For example in the mega hit trilogy¬†Back to The Future¬†movies the main character, Marty Mcflys, Mother’s name was Lorraine Baines McFly.

People Called Lorraine

Current celebrities with the name are Lorraine Chase who is an English actress and model, Lorraine Bracco an American actress, Lorraine Kelly a Scottish TV journalist,the American blues singer Lorraine Ellison, and Lorraine McIntosh, the female vocalist of the Scottish pop band, Deacon Blue.

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