Girl’s Name Maisie

In Scotland, the name Maisie (pronounced MAY-see) is a common diminutive (or “pet” form) of the name Margaret or Marjorie. The name means “pearl.” Maisie can also be a given name, and it has enjoyed popularity in the United Kingdom in the past few decades. It was cited as the 43rd most popular name in Scotland in 2012.

Worldwide, it’s an old name that appears in many cultures. There are also a Greek and Persian variants of Maisie meaning “pearl” (Greek) and “child of light” (Persian), and the name has even been a nickname for “Mary” in Hebrew. In literature, you’ll find Maisie as the heroine of a Henry James novel (“What Maisie Knew”), as the fictional investigator of the Maisie Dobbs series of detective novels, and as a minor character in the popular Harry Potter saga.
Famous real-life Maisies in pop culture include Maisie Williams, who plays the rebellious Arya Stark on HBO’sGame of Thrones series, Maisie Smith, an actress who appears on EastEnders as Tiffany Butcher, and the American political commentator Maisie Allison.

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