Girls’ Name Maisie

So where does Maisie come from?

Margaret and Mary are two of the longer forms of Maisie, but this is also a good name on its own. And, even though the name was not one of the most popular in 2015, it is on its way up and has been gaining popularity in recent years.

How Popular is the Name Maisie?

Maisie was not one of the most popular baby names in Scotland in the year 2015, but it is still a pretty name that all parents should consider for their new baby girl. The popularity of Maisie should not affect the way that parents feel about it, but they should instead think about how the name sounds when said out loud. It is a pretty name, and the meaning of Maisie is pearl.

Famous People Called Maisie

The name Maisie was given to Maisie Williams, a young English actress. Another celebrity with the name is Maisie Smith, an English singer and actress. Maisie MacKenzie is a fictional character in a popular series. There is also a character in the Harry Potter series with the name Maisie.

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