Girl’s Name Saundra

Saundra is a girl’s name of Greek origin, with nearly a dozen variations on the name, and is itself a shortened variation upon the names Cassandra and Alexandra. Parents who choose the name of their child as Saundra name the child for reasons other than its popularity as a name. Indeed, the popularity of Saundra as a name has it appearing nowhere among the top hundred Scottish baby names. As to the name’s meaning, the meaning of Saundra translates from Old Greek as either “shining upon man” or “defender of men”.


  • Saundra was not in the 100 most popular popular baby girls’s name in Scotland in 2013 (latest data from the Scottish government).

Famous people with the first name of Saundra include:

Saundra Santiago is a Hispanic-American actress of Cuban-Puerto Rican descent. She read in Psychology at the University of Miami and her best-known role is Miami Vice‘s Detective Calabrese.

  • Saundra Quarterman is an African-American actress from the state of Georgia known for her roles on television.
  • Saundra Williams is an African-American singer from New York City.
  • Saundra Smokes is an African-American playwright, journalist, radio personality, and activist.
  • Saundra Brown Armstrong is an African-American federal judge within the United States judicial system.

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