Scottish girl names starting with A

Here is a quick list of some of the most interesting and popular girls’ names starting with the letter A.

  • Adair is a beautiful name for a girl that actually means beauty. The slight variations of the name include Adaira and Adairia. These names originated from Greece.
  • Aila is a strong Scottish name, originating from Scotland. The meaning of this name is to be from a strong place.
  • Aileana, Aileene and Aileen all mean light bearer. These beautiful names also originated from Scotland.
  • Aili is another name that originated from Scotland. Its meaning is truthful.
  • Ailsa means island dweller, another name that originated from Scotland.
  • Akira is another beautiful Scottish name. Though the origin is unknown, its meaning is anchor.
  • Alison is actually an Old English name that has made its way to Scotland. The meaning of this name is truthful.
  • Alpina means blond, though sadly, the origin of this name is unknown.
    Anice means grace.
  • The meaning of Annabel as well as Annabella is very similar, both meaning beautiful grace. All three of these beautiful names originated from Old England.
  • Artis originated in Scotland and the meaning of this beautiful name is bear.

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