Scottish versions of Popular Names

Finding a balance between popular and distinctive baby names can be quite difficult.  Parents may like names that are popular. At the same time, they do not want their children lost among children with the same name. One solution is to use Scottish versions of popular names. Here is a short list of popular names and their Scottish Gaelic equivalents.

This list does not include names from Irish Gaelic written in Scottish Gaelic form. This also does not include Scottish Gaelic spellings of older Gaelic names.

The Names

Some names have variants that are already used by most parents. Ann or Anne has the Scottish Gaelic variant Anna, which is also found in other languages.

  • Alice Ailios, Ailisl
  • Amelia, Emily Aimil
  • Annabelle Anabla
  • Caroline, Charlotte Teàrlag
  • Elizabeth Ealasaid
  • Evelyn Èibhlin
  • Gianna is itself an Italian version of the name Jane, Joan, or Janet. You can use Seònaid, Siubhan, Sìneag, or Sìne
  • Grace Giorsail, Giorsal
  • Isabella Isbeil, Iseabail, Iseabal
  • Julia Sìleas, Sìle
  • Katherine Catrìona, Caitrìona
  • Lily Lili
  • Lucy Liùsaidh
  • Maria Maria is itself a variant of Mary. You can use Moire, Muire, or Màiri
  • Olivia Olibhia
  • Sarah Sorcha (though it has a different meaning from Sarah), Mòrag
  • Sophia, Sophie Beathag
  • Victoria Bhioctoria


This is just a short list of Scottish Gaelic versions of popular names. Check pronunciation guides for any name that you choose. Your child can have a name that is familiar to others, but unique to them.