Top Scottish Girls’ Names in 2015

In the modern word of today, most parents prefer to give a unique name to their newborn babies in Scotland. These names are unusual.

A publication of the top Scottish girls names in 2015 was released, one could quickly notice that the impact of Christianity on Christian girls’ names had gone down.
According to this publication of the National Records of Scotland, the top Scottish girls’ names in 2015 were none movers Emily, now for the second time running. The number of children given the name Emily were 468. The choice of names recorded for girls in 2015 was is large.

The Top Four Names

The top four names for popular Scottish girls names in 2015 were in an identical order as it was in 2014. The most popular for baby girls for a second year running was Emily. Sophie retained the second spot; Olivia was third and Isla the fourth (the first traditional Scottish girl’s name).

Names Five to Ten

Ava rose to fifth from position six in 2014; Jessica fell to the sixth place from fifth, and Amelia retained the seventh position. Ella rose to eighth, while Lucy was down at ninth from eighth, and Lily fell a spot to tenth. Ella emerged as an entrant to the girls’ Top Ten. Anna (up four places to the 16th position) was the fastest riser in the Top 20 girls’ names. Emma moved up three places to 15th. A new entry to the Top 20 was Eva (up four spots to position 18).

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