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Meaning and Origin of the Name Magaidh

The name Magaidh comes from the Scottish meaning “A Pearl”. It is said that people with this name have a deep passion to inspire others and have strong views on religious and/or spiritual matters. Magaidh was borrowed from the English form of the name Margaret.


This name has a long line of history in Scotland. Dating back to the 15th century with Margaret Tudor who was Henry VIII’s sister. Later she became the wife of King James IV of Scotland, and she ruled Scotland as regent after his death.

Traits of People with the name Magaidh

People have known girls named Magaidh to be great at analysing, understanding, and learning. Because they live in thought, girls named Magaidh typically are known to be scholars, philosophers, or teachers. Magaidh will always see the larger picture when faced with an issue.

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A Few Facts about the Name Beitris

Of Scottish Gaelic origins, the name Beitris is a form of the more commonly known European version, Beatrice, which in turn is a derivative of the Latin names Beatrix and Viatrix. Saint Beatrix — also known as Saint Viatrix — is the name of the Christian martyr that died in Rome in 303 A.D.

Though the name had a religious beginning, it later held a more secular appeal as Beatrice in both Dante’s “Divine Comedy” and Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Variations and Meaning of Beitris

The name of Beitris has seen many different variations in spelling and pronunciation over the centuries, and so has its meaning. Originally, the meaning of Beitris was “traveler” or “voyager,” but now it also means “bringer of joy.”


As for the popularity of Beitris, it has not ranked on a list of popular girl names, but its variations of Beatrix and Beatrice have. In 2016 in Scotland, the names Beatrix and Beatrice placed 240th and 276th out of 500 top girl names.

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The History Of The Name Caitlin

The name Caitlin is for females of Irish Gaelic descent, which spans for many years. The name was derived from the french name Cateline which was also derived from another name for women. The name it would be derived from being Catherine which was originated from the Ancient Greek. The name Catherine comes from religion and in particular comes from St. Catherine of Alexandria and in turn is also partly the meaning of Caitlin as well.

Meaning of the Name

Even though there are many different ways to say the name Catherine, they all are to mean “pure” because it was originally from the Ancient Greek with the meaning behind St. Catherine.

Popularity of Caitlin

The generally popularity of Caitlin as a name scored around 1000 percentile in the year 2017 which was down from the previous year, 2016, so it has become a less popular name within one year, but overall has still been a pretty popular name throughout its inception in its many different variations. The height of its popularity was around the mid 1980’s with its lowest count being in 1955.

Specifically in Scotland Caitlin was in the 136th most popular name in 2016.

Famous People Called Caitlin

The Scottish swimmer Caitlin McClatchey
The Scottish swimmer Caitlin McClatchey

A few famous Caitlins.

  • Caitlin McClatchey swam internationally for Britain and Scotland.
  • Caitlin Moran is an English reporter who works for the Times paper.
  • Caitlin McCarthy is an American actress.

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The Meaning of Sheena

The name Sheena is a female name popularly used in Scottish and English languages. The name means “God’s gift” or “God is gracious.” It is the Anglicised form of Sine, which is the Scottish Gaelic form of Jane.

The Popularity of Sheena

Sheena has never been ranked in the top 100 most popular Scottish names. The name did see some popularity during the 1980s before usage trailed off significantly in the 1990s and 2000s.

Famous People and Characters with the name Sheena

Sheena, Queen of the Jungle is a fictional comic book character that first appeared in comics in 1937, making her the first title-star female character of a comic book. She grew up in the African jungle, and has the ability to communicate with animals. The character spawned films and two TV series, including a 35-episode series from 2000 to 2002 starring Gena Lee Nolin.

Perhaps most responsible for the short popularity of the name is Sheena Easton, a Scottish singer who achieved worldwide fame in the 1980s. A two-time Grammy award winner, Easton has five Gold albums and one Platinum album. Best known for her hits “Morning Train (Nine to Five)” and “U Got the Look,” Easton was a longtime collaborator with Prince.

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Meaning of the Name Alexina

Alexina is a variant of Alexandra, the female form of the male name Alexander. The name is Greek in origin, and the meaning of Alexina is “defender of men.” Although originally Greek, Alexina is most popularly used in English, Scottish, and Spanish languages.

A pet form of Alexina is Alex.

The Popularity of Alexina

In Scotland, in the early 20th century, there was a trend that feminised masculine names by adding “-ina” to the end of a name. In 1900, Alexina was the 88th most popular female name in Scotland. It was also slightly popular in the United States in the 1890s, reaching the 1,371st spot.

It is currently not recognised as a popular name for women in Scotland or the United States and is regarded as being very uncommon.

Traits of Those With the Name Alexina

According to numerology, people with the name Alexina are analytic, reserved, and observant. They are also artistic and tend to spend time doing multiple activities.

Famous Women Named Alexina

One famous “Alexina” is the contemporary Canadian composer Alexina Louie. Another well-known “Alexina” is “Teeny” Duchamp, a broker for artists and the wife of the artist Marcel Duchamp.

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The Origins of the Name Kina

Alickina and the shortened name Kina, are of Hebrew and Greek origin and known around the world as girls names. Alickina is a variant of the name Alexandra in Scottish. It was popular through the mid-1980’s and then began to decline in the 2000’s. At the peak of popularity, Alexandra was given to 55% of babies born around 1994 to 1995.

Even though a decline began, it is still far more popular than its variants Kiana and Dinah. Kina is a variant of Dinah, the latter name being of English, German, and Hebrew origin.

Meaning and Popularity of Kina

Kina is mainly used in the languages of Scottish and English. Regarding the U.S., it’s no longer among the top 1,000 names in the world and not popular in the United States according to the Social Security Administration.

The meaning of the name Kina is “Defending men” or “Defender of mankind”, although definition can vary across countries and languages. From a numerological standpoint, the name Kina indicates the potential for philanthropic expression. It also indicates that a person with this name will be greatly motivated by their relationships and friendships.

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The Meaning of the Name Beileag

The name Beileag is a very unusual name that is usually chosen for a girl. Its origin is Scottish and it is defined as “My God is an oath, pledged to God.” The meaning of Beileag is diminutive of Iseabail.

How to Pronounce Beileag?

You pronounce Beileag as simply Bei-leag or Bay-League.


Beileage was not in the top 100 most popular Scottish baby girls’ names in 2016.

Traits of people with the name

If you are named Beileag you should be considered a very strong female. You are also proud to ask for help and would make a great doctor, artist or politician. You could also be a very emotional person and extremely sensitive. Females named Beileag can usually expect great success in the future. Beileag’s a like are talented in arts and sports. Unfortunately the popularity of Beileag name is dismal.

Famous People Called Beileag

There are even no celebrities or high profile people with the name. If you are blessed with the name Beileag, understand it is a sign of respect. It shows that you have a versatile personality and will be very well liked.

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Meaning & Popularity of the Name Ailie

The name Ailie was not one of the 100 most used baby names in 2015 in Scotland, but it is a name that has a simple sound and meaning. The meaning of Ailie comes from that of Aileen. And the possible meaning of that name is “bird.” It has a simple meaning, and the pronunciation of the name is fairly simple, too.

How to Pronounce Ailie?

Ailie pronunciation is “Ai-Lee.”

People Called Ailie

The popularity of Ailie is not very great, despite the pretty pronunciation and the simple spelling of the name, and that might attract people to it even more. When people know that this name has been around for a long time, and that it has been given to such notable figures as Ailie Robertson, a harpist, and Ailie MacAdam, an engineer, they will want to give it to their daughter all the more. It has been used occasionally, and it is a simple name that derives from another beautiful and simple name, and anyone who likes unique, yet easy to pronounce names, will fall in love with Ailie.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Deonaid

Deonaid (pronounced Deh-nade) is a Scottish Gaelic name. It is the Gaelic form of the name Janet (English).

The meaning of Deonaid is God is Gracious (Scottish) or gift of God (Gaelic).

Interesting Facts about the Name Deonaid

The name is similar to and used synchronously with the name Seonaid (pronounced shonah). Seonaid is the anglicised form of the name Shonah. Seonaid which is a form of Deonaid, was ranked 1543th in Scotland.

There are really no famous people with the name of Deonaid. If you were to visit Scotland, the name Deonaid will definitely be heard more. The name is rarely used outside of Scotland. one would rarely hear it outside the streets of Scotland. In fact, the name Deonaid did not make the most popular name for a girl in the year of 2015. Although this is true,The name Deonaid is unique with a huge meaning.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Annis

The name Annis is considered to be a feminine Scottish name. The meaning of Annis is “holy,” however, the Greek meaning is “satisfaction,” when combined the meaning is Holy Satisfaction.

The name Annis is an excellent choice if you are looking for a Scottish name that is traditional yet uncommon. The surname Annis can be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon tribes and is even recorded in the Doomsday Book.

For the Scot’s the name Annis is easily translated to mean Ann’s Son, and therefore the Scottish meaning of Annis would be “the son of Ann.”

Popularity of Annis

In the late 1800s, the name was extremely popular and stayed popular until around 2000. However, the popularity of Annis has declined in recent years is rarely used, this makes it a great choice for an unusual baby name. There are many variations of Annis which include Anysia, Anyssa, Annice, Annes, Annys, Annisa or Anessa. Though the name is considered female, male variations could include Anan, Ankey, Anmer, Ansin, Arnis, Ainis or Ansha.

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