Origin and Meaning of the Scottish Name Moireach

The Moireach name has two origins. In the first, it is the Scottish Gaelic form of Martha, which is Aramaic for “lady.” The meaning of Moireach is also “lady.” But Moireach is also a surname, and the name of a powerful Scottish clan that has existed since the 12th century. The clan’s name is often anglicized as Murray or Moray. All three versions of the name refer to a region called Moray that eventually became an earldom. Moray comes from the Scottish Gaelic for “sea settlement,” so Moireach and Murray share that meaning.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Moireach seems to be limited, at least as a first name. According to the Scottish government, it was not one of the hundred most popular girl’s names. By contrast, the anglicized version of Moireach, Murray, is one of the most ten common last names in Scotland. Moireach itself is significantly less common.

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