Scottish Girls Names

There are many beautiful and lovely Scottish girls names
There are many beautiful and lovely Scottish girls names

Welcome to our Scottish girls names website. On this website you’ll find information so that you can discover the full wonders of Scottish female names including:

Our Comprehensive List

Here’s the list of first names as promised, we have grouped them alphabetically.

Name Description Popular Name
Adaira Means ford by the oak tree
Adairia Variant of Adaira
Aggie Pet form of the name Agnes or Agatha
Aila From a resilient place  *
Aileana A person from the green meadow
Aileen Scottish version of the female name Eileen *
Aileene Alternative spelling of Aileen
Ailie Pet form of Aileen
Ailsa Means supernatural victory *
Ainsley Famous Scottish family name although roots likely from Nottinghamshire
Alexina Scottish female version of the name Alex
Alison Popular name derived from Alice *
Allie Pet form of Alison
Allina Scottish variant of the name Alina
Ally Pet form of Alison *

Alpina The female name of Alpin
Annabel Common in Scotland since 12th century although English origins *
Annella Common in Scottish highlands, a version of Anne.
Annis A form of the name Agnes
Annys A veriation on the namee Annis
Arabella Origins unknown, like to be associated with the name Anabella *
Athdara Means ford by the oak tree
Athol District of Perthshire
Bearnas Scottish form of the girls name Bernice
Beileag Pet form of Iseabail
Beitidh Scottish name for Betty
Beitris Scottish name for Beatrice *
Bhictoria Scottish name for Victoria
Blair Place names in Scotland
Bonnie Means fine  *
Bradana This name mean Salmon
Brenda Origins unknown, possible female version of Brendan *
Bridget From the Gaelic name Brighid *
Cadha A person from a steep place
Caillic Means Hag
Cairistiona Scottish girl’s name for Christine
Caitir From the Galic name Caitriona
Caitlin Gaelic name related to the name Catherine ***
Cameron Scottish origins from the name cam sròn *
Catriona Scottish form of the girls name Katherine (from the Galic name Caitrìona) *
Ceit Scottish Gaelic spelling of the name Kate
Chirsty Variant of Kirstie *
Chrissie Pet form of Christine *
Christie Pet form of the name Christine *
Christy Variant of the name Christie
Coira Scottish girl’s name meaning seething pool
Cullodena broken mossy land
Cumina Means from the place Comines
Curstaidh Scottish version of Kirstie
Dallis Female version of the name Dallas
Davina Feminine form of David *
Deoiridh Means Pilgrim
Deonaid Variant of Seonaid
Dolina From the name Dolog female version of Donald
Donella Female version of Donald
Donna From Madonna *

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